Loop for pitching

Each fishery is different and each boat will optimize the distance where the bait is first presented.  To make the first pitch smooth and fast, particularly if the fish comes up on the short teasers it is helpful to to add a loop in the first clip.  This means that you can simply pitch the bait into the water, turn round and take the loop with your thumb and forefinger and as the leader and first part of the line comes off the drum you will be spot on every time.  You can then turn round and raise your line hand, put the other on the drum and you are all set.

This is simply done by letting out the line to the desired drop-back, clipping the line into the second clip and winding the line on to the drum.  When you reach the optimum pitch length create a loop to be inserted in the first clip and carry on winding until the leader can be clipped in.

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