Pitching is now as easy as 1, 2 3.  Simply remove the bait from the bait tube or bucket and pitch into the water at the back and side of the boat. 

As the leader comes off followed by the double line, simply grab the loop from the second clip with your right hand and rotate to face the back of the boat.  Raise your arm to get your bait on the surface.  At the same time place your left hand on the Pitchmeister drum to stop line line coming off once you have reached your desired pitch zone.

 You can now focus on getting the bait into clean water and watching for the bite.  Your right hand essentially becomes a human outrigger clip.  When the fish takes simply let the line be pulled from your hand and  remove the left hand from the Pitchmeister drum to allow the fish to take the drop-back resistance free.

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