TP Gimbal Lock

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Product description

There are many small fry or older anglers who have fantastic technique in the chair, but who can struggle to move a 130lb rod with a large fish on the end from the gunnel into the gimbal on the chair.  This can be compounded by rough seas and those early seconds can be critical in landing the fish.  While someone can assist you, it will invalidate any potential record and no-one likes being passed a rod!  

The TP Gimbal Lock overcomes this issue, by allowing the chair gimbal to be converted into a rod holder by locking into position.  Once a fish has been hooked the gimbal is unlocked by simply pulling back on the rod and the TP Gimbal lock disengages and drops free. The gimbal is then free swinging from the moment the angler touches the rod and the fight can commence!

The TP Gimbal lock is great to use when bait and switching with the Pitchmeister, for small fry anglers after that record fish or when using a single chair rod for fishing with bait.

The TP Gimbal lock is IGFA Approved.

Product specs

Series TP Gimbal Lock
Weight 150g / 5.3 oz
Dimensions Drum 16cm x13cm x 20cm Butt Adapter: 40cm 
Material Anodised Aluminium and Carbon Fibre
Suitable for bait and switch, trolling dead and live baits