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Product description

For an experienced fisherman, pitching a bait on a 50lb rod is something that is done with confidence time after time.  However even for a pro sometimes it doesn't go perfectly and the fish drops the bait or you realise that shadow lurking below your bait is BIG and maybe a bit more fire-power is needed!

Over the past 5 years we have been working with pros to develop a solution that allows the angler to pitch perfectly every-time and allow the use of whatever set-up you want, be it a 50lb, 80lb or 130lb rod.

The Pitchmeister is simple to set-up and use. It allows both experienced and occasional anglers to pitch perfectly every-time.  By not having to worry about putting too much resistance on the reel or the possibility or 'birds-nesting' the line you can focus on changing the angle of presentation, movement of the bait or adjusting the distance from the boat.  This allows you to focus on getting that bite from the raised fish and the sheer excitement of watching a huge fish taking a bait in front of your eyes.

Using the Pitchmeister is easy as 1, 2, 3 - Simply pre-load the required drop back onto the drum, attach your bait and pitch as you see the fish.  Whether you are an experienced bait and switcher or thinking about trying it for the first time the Pitchmeister is a great tool to have in your armory and really the only way to bait and switch with heavy tackle.

Thanks to the universal rod butt used to mount it the Pitchmeister is easily cleared away on hook-up and can be used with a single rod for bait and switch or mounted in the gunnel and run through the rigger clips for trolling dead and live baits.

The Pitchmeister is IGFA Approved.


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Product specs

Series PitchMeister
Weight 4.7kgs
Dimensions Drum 16cm x13cm x 20cm Butt Adapter: 40cm 
Material Anodised Aluminium and Carbon Fibre
Suitable for bait and switch, trolling dead and live baits

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